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Blazing Bohol!

Bohol's charm lies on its culture, heritage and rich natural resources.

Miles of white sand beaches and pristine waters can be found on Panglao Island composed of Panglao ang Dauis towns.

The hills are alive...
There are several beach resorts there that can provide accommodation and water sports activities such as jetskis, parasailing, among others depending on the budget.

One attraction that is a must is the recently discovered school of sardines in Panglao.

The sardines, locally known as “malangsi,” arrived in the waters off Barangay Tangnan in Panglao and stayed there for good. They are also attracting bigger species of fish like thresher sharks and mackerel.

“Sardines are always migrating but they’ve been in Panglao for some time. Biologists couldn’t explain why but our member marine biologist said it’s probably because of climate change,” Ian Uy, a member of the Dive Ta Bai group, who discovered the shoals of sardines two summers ago.
City of Friendship

The sardine have formed a shoal that could easily number to tens of thousands, even up to a hundred thousand, a delight to those who love to dive and snorkel.

There are some islands to visit in case the tourists are up for some island hopping.
The favorite sites are the Balicasag, Virgin and Pamilacan islands because they are close to Panglao Island.

Balicasag Island, which retains its laid-back charm, is a known dive and snorkel destination because of its marvelous coral reefs formation and spectacular drop-off (underwater wall) up to a depth of 60 meters.

Virgin island is an uninhabited islet where you can enjoy a long string of white beach. Kilometers of white beach emerge during low tide but disappears on high tide.

Pods of dolphins can be seen in the waters off Pamilacan Island which also hosts a Spanish watchtower and fish sanctuary.

Man-made forest
Other places where one can enjoy the underwater world are Cabilao Island in Loon, Bien Unido, Anda and President Carlos P. Garcia Island (Pitogo Island).

In the afternoon, one place to try out is the Extreme Adventure Tour (E.A.T) at the Danao Adventure Park in Danao town.

It hosts a variety of activists that get the adrenalin pumping.

These include a zipline, ATV, rock climbing and caving. For water adventures, the park also offers river kayaking and river trekking near the Danao Adventure Park is the “Sea of Clouds.”

For an entrance fee of P15, visitors can go up to Laguna Mountain in Barangay Concepcion and savor the jaw-dropping vista –fogs that look like clouds hovering the mountains.

“It was one of the most beautiful natural sceneries that we can enjoy,” said Ken Reignald Rara, a resident of Tagbilaran City.

Sevilla's hanging bridge
One of the better vantage points from which to enjoy the spectacle is at the nearby Dagohoy town. An entrance fee of P10 will give you the best view of the sea of clouds located in Sitio Puntaas, Barangay La Esperanza.

“Seeing fog amid the backdrop of nature makes the scenery seem like a work of art,” said Rex Simbajon PizaƱa, 38, a resident of Dagohoy town.

A habal-habal (motorcycle for rent)can take the tourist to the area from the town proper.

There are still several areas to visit in Bohol like the watch tower located in Maribojoc town, the Inang-angan stairway in Loon town which is made of five flights with 212 steps, the lying foxes on Cagban Island in Tubigon; and the St. Nicholas Tolentino Church and the Ermita Ruins (a wall of tombs in a honeycomb-like arrangement) in Dimaiao.

But to go to these places would require another day in Bohol.


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