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Adonis Dumpit feels ‘comfortable’ in Bohol

Seen:  Several fans have claimed to have spotted Korean pop star Sandara Park in Bohol province last week.  According to VRS at Tagbilaran Airport, Park arrived last Monday via Cebu Pacific.  She was seen opting for a more casual look and wore a cap, white, loose shirt matched with light blue joggers.  She had two companions (elderly women) who told people not to take photos of Park, according to VRS.  Park, who left Bohol on Tuesday morning, did not post any photos of her stay in the province on her Instagram account. She did, however, share an aerial photo of Tagbilaran City on Friday.  The singer, considered to be the main vocalist of 2NE1, left the group in 2010.

Look: Sandara Park spotted in Bohol last week.
 Contributed Photos
Scene:  Days after winning a pageant, this model is now suffering from hydrocephalus. According to VRS, he forgets people easily. “Well, I hope he will enjoy the moment of glory because soonest the glitz will fade,” warns (the bitter?) VRS. Clue: Latin for King.

Scene:  Clarin Mayor Allen Ray Piezas was elected president of the League of Municipalities of the Philippines-Bohol Chapter.

SceneThe Pokemon fever continues in Bohol province.  Tagbilaran is littered with a few PokeStops  (which are often landmarks)--places that allow players to collect items such as eggs and more Poke Balls. Pokestops are the anchor symbol of PMI Colleges, Bohol Provincial Library, Cogon Shrine, Bohol Museum, Plaza Rizal (the fountain and the statue of CPG), Garden Cafe, Knight of Columbus Statue on K of C, Datoda Terminal and Island City Mall’s fountain. There are gyms for fight – Bohol Tropics and St. Joseph Cathedral.  The Philippine National Police (PNP) issued warnings against trending mobile game Pokémon Go. PNP said Pokemon Go fans must be alert while playing the extremely popular mobile game. PNP's friendly reminders: Do not play while driving, better to hunt Pokémon with companions, avoid dark areas as much as possible, always be mindful of your surroundings, secure your carry-ons while playing and don’t trespass; always ask owner’s permission of private premises.

With little money left in his pocket, the controversial policeman SPO1 Adonis Delos Amantes Dumpit left Cebu City for Bohol on Thursday night.

He withdrew what money was left from his ATM account, P1,000---before going to Cebu City Pier. On board a slow boat, he arrived in Tagbilaran City at around 4 a.m. Friday. At 10 a.m. he reported to Camp Francisco Dagohoy, headquarters of the Bohol Provincial Police Office (BPPO), donning a complete police uniform, to report to his new assignment.

Controversial policeman Adonis Delos Amantes 
Dumpit: "I'm comfortable here in Bohol.' Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Dumpit, a sharpshooter and multi-awarded policeman, was one of three policemen who were transferred to Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO) on Friday. The two others are SPO2 Ritchell Sala Tejano and PO3 Romeo Borinaga Batuhan. They were the police escorts of Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña.

They were ordered relieved and transferred to Bohol. However, as of 5 p.m. Friday, it was only Dumpit who reported to BPPO.

Police Senior Inspector Basilides Ytol Balistoy, chief admin of the Human Resource and Doctrine Development (HRDD) of BPPO, confirmed Dumpit’s arrival in his office.

“He is welcome here,” said Balistoy.  

He said, however, they will have a meeting to where Dumpit will be assigned.  “For the meantime, Dumpit will report at the BPPO,” he said.

Dumpit, 53, was relieved from the Firearms Explosives Security Agencies and Guard Supervisory Section  (FESAGSS)  of the Regional Operations and Plans Division and reassigned to Bohol Police Provincial Office.

Dumpit said he didn’t expect to be transferred to Bohol.

“I don’t have a choice. Whatever will be the instruction, where I will be assigned, I am willing to accept,”  he said.

He said he didn’t worry he was transferred to Bohol.

I am comfortable here. I am not worried but I am happy I am assigned here in Bohol. People here are law-abiding citizens. In Bohol, if you go to a house, they will invite you to eat. You can’t find that in Cebu,” he said.

Bohol is also close to his heart. Dumpit was assigned in Bilar town as a member of the Regional Mobile Force from 1992 to 1994.

Asked which unit he preferred to be assigned, Dumpit said he wanted his superiors to put him in the field where he is effective. 
SPO1 Adonis Dumpit (with yours truly and Jessa 
Agua-Ylanan, formerly of The Freeman) who is now assigned in Bohol.  
Contributed Photo

“If possible I don’t want to be assigned in office, anywhere I am willing to accept,” he said. His last assignment before he was detained was at the FESAGGS.

Dumpit, who has no salary for two months after he resumed work, is trying to make ends meet.

“I have not received my salary for two months since I was released from jail. I have debts,” he said.

During interview, he received calls from his brother asking him if he reached Bohol. Then, he was teary-eyed. He said he just missed his 83-year-old mother, Liwayway, who is in Davao Oriental whom he met last June 6 after he was released in jail.  He also said he missed his 22-year-old son who is in Cebu.

Dumpit said he didn’t inform Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña of his new assignment in Bohol.

“I didn’t inform him but I know he knew I am now in Bohol because Mayor Tom is intelligent,” he said, “But I will inform him this Sunday.”

Dumpit was imprisoned for six years for shooting dead a 17-year-old suspected robber in Barangay Tejero, Cebu City in 2004. He was released from the Leyte Regional Prison in Abuyog town, Leyte last June after the Court of Appeals allowed him to post P250,000 in bail pending resolution of his appeal because he had served his minimum prison term of six years and he exhibited good behavior during his incarceration.


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2 teen housemates from Bohol in ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ Lucky 7

The housemates of the latest season of "Pinoy Big Brother" (PBB): Lucky 7 were revealed one by one last week.

Meet:  Ma. Niña Vivoree Matutes Esclito,
the “Go Better Girl ng Bohol.” Contributed Photo/PBB 
Two lucky teens were from Bohol. They were: Ma. Niña Vivoree Matutes Esclito, the “Go Better Girl ng Bohol”  and  Fenech Aimee Veloso, “Ang Ballroom Baby ng Bohol.”  

Vivoree  was introduced on the late night talk show, "Tonight with Boy Abunda" last week as new teen housemate.

Vivoree, 16, who hails from Loon town, is a grade 10 student of Tagbilaran City Science High School.

“She can sing and play the guitar,” said teacher and cultural worker Butch Bernas, who was Vivoree’s grade 7 adviser.

Bernas added Vivoree is a “shy-type student.”

On “Tonight with Boy Abunda,” Vivoree talked about her expectations of PBB.

“I expect to learn different things. Yung experience po, magandang experience and new friends – new true friends,” she said.

When asked what’s the difference between a friend and a true friend, Vivoree answered, “A friend is just someone you can talk to. While a true friend is someone who’s going to be there no matter what happens.”

Meet:  Fenech Aimee Veloso, “Ang Ballroom Baby ng Bohol.”   
Contributed Photo/PBB

Vivoree, who dreams of becoming a performer, said that the reason she auditioned to for PBB was to, “At first po, try lang po talaga. Minsan lang po yun nangyayari, yung mga auditions po sa lugar namin, so sinubukan ko po. But then nung nagtagal po, narealize ko na I’m doing this for something not just for nothing. And that dream isyung pumasok sa bahay ni Kuya.”

She hopes that her stint inside the "PBB" house will be able help her overcome her insecurities.  She said she was bullied because of her being ma-balbon. She shared, “sinasabi nila na pinaglihi ka ba sa unggoy?” But since then she has learned to, “just shrug it off and go on with life.”

Veloso, 13, who hails from Barangay Manga, Tagbilaran City, was introduced on “It’s Showtime.” She said that she auditioned for the reality television show in order to prove that is he is an independent girl.

Veloso said is a “lola’s girl.”

The other teen housemates are Edward Barber (Ang Cheerful Charmer ng Germany),  Yong Muhajil (Ang Pag-a-son ng Angkan ng Zamboanga),  Kristine Hammod (Ang Sporty Spice ng Laguna),  Rita Gaviola (Ang Badjao Girl ng Lucena), Kisses Delavin (Ang Miracle Daughter ng Masbate) and  Christian Morones (Ang Courtside Kusinero ng Zamboanga).

Battle against illegal drugs

Jorge (not his real name) was holding a placard while marching on CPG Avenue in Tagbilaran City for Tuesday’s anti-illegal rally organized by the Bohol Police Provincial Office (BPPO). His placard read: “drug addicts don’t grow old they die young.”

Jorge, 27, surrendered to Getafe Police Station last month for fear of his life.

Participants during the anti-illegal 
drugs rally in Tagbilaran City, 
Bohol, waving their placards
 with messages denouncing 
drug menace in the province.  
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
He said he joined the rally to show his support to stop illegal drugs in the province.        

“I decided to take a stand against drug use for the future of my children,” he said.

His friend was also waving his placard which read: “Undanga ang drugas, unaha ang pamugas.” (Stop drugs, and look first for rice).

At least 1,000 participant from the different sectors including surrenderees from different towns joined the rally which started at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, 12 hours  after two half-brothers who were suspected drug pushers and users were killed by unknown assailants on Pamaong Street, in this city.

The activity kicked-off at Camp Francisco Dagohoy, passing through  Sen. Jose Clarin street and CPG Avenue, two of the major  thoroughfares in the city.  It culminated at the Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Sports Complex where key leaders gave their speeches.

Participants were seen waving placard with anti-drugs messages. One placards raised by a policeman that caught the attention of onlookers were “Droga ayaw hununga? Menteryo luag pa!”.  (You will not stop drugs? The cemetery is still spacious). Other messages were “Sa druga walang forever”  (In drugs there is no forever),   “Hay naku! undang namu patay jud mong Bato”,  (OMG, stop drugs or else  Bato will kill you)” and  “Di musunod sa Tokhang matikwang (Those who will not follow Tokhang will be displaced)!”

SPO2 Melinda Mendez-Basalo 
explains the impact of drug problems
 in the province during the anti-illegal 
drugs rally organized by Senior Supt. 
Felipe Natividad of the Bohol
 Police Provincial Office. Contributed Photo 
SPO2 Melinda Mendez-Basalo said the rally was aimed at creating awareness among the masses, particularly the younger generation, about the hazards of using drugs and for the promotion of a drug-free society.

“This is big help for the PNP to reach out to remote sectors in the province as well as in the country to send our message of our intense campaign illegal drugs,” she said.

Senior Supt. Felipe Natividad, BPPO director, said the rally was conducted to inform the public that the Philippine National Police (PNP) is serious in fighting against illegal drugs in the province.

The BPPO reported that  30,287 drug personalities across the province have surrendered to authorities and pledged to cut their involvement in illegal activities since July 1, 2016.

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Where in Bohol should you take Miss Universe 2016 bets?

It's confirmed! The Department of Tourism (DOT) last Thursday confirmed the Philippines will host the next edition of the prestigious Miss Universe pageant.

The Philippines last hosted the Miss Universe tilt in 1994, which crowned Sushmita Sen of India as winner. The country first hosted the pageant in 1974, when Margie Moran relinquished her title to Amparo Muñoz of Spain.

In a press briefing in Manila, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo said the pageant will be held on January 30, 2017, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Miss Bolivia 2016 Antonella Moscatelli will represent
 her country at Miss Universe 2016 which will be held
 on Jan. 30, 2017 in the Philippines. Every year, thousands of 
young women from 90 countries vie for the title 
of Miss Universe. Who will succeed Pia Wurtzbach
 of the Philippines? Contributed Photo
Teo confirmed the government will not spend on the pageant, estimated to cost $11 million, as several individuals and companies from the private sector have expressed interest to sponsor it.

Last week, reigning Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach was crowdsourcing for places where she will take the candidates once they set foot in the country.  The destinations that were on the top of her mind include Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, Davao, Cagayan de Oro City, Vigan, Bacolod City, and Bohol.

Unfortunately, Bohol was not chosen to host some delegates of the international beauty pageant . Teo  revealed that Vigan, Cebu, Boracay, Palawan, Davao and Cagayan de Oro City, the hometown of 2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, were chosen as areas for the pre-pageant activities.

Some of our Boholano friends were sad of this news. Sigh, sigh, sigh! But what if, that is a big if, some of Miss U candidates will visit Bohol?

Where in Bohol should you take Miss Universe 2016 bets?

Jeycelle Espejo-Inting- The Chocolate hills, blood compact shrine, man-made forest, Loboc river with a brief show from Loboc Children's Choir and  Youth Ambassador. Why Choco hills? It's what we are most known of. I will let them experience the traditional kalamay making in Jagna and the traditional sundang making in Loay town.

Fiel Angeli Araoarao-Gabin- I will show them the tourist attractions in Panglao Island and Carmen town.

Phil Malaran Magallano- I will bring them to Panglao which is famous for white-sandy beaches. I will also take them to Carmen, my hometown, to see the world-famous Chocolates Hills.

Cogon councilor Phil Magallano says 
he loves to bring the Miss Universe candidates 
to Carmen to marvel at the beauty of Chocolate Hills.
Contributed Photo
Van Delima- Anda. It’s pristine.

Ferome Almine- I’ll bring them to the known beauty spots in Bohol such as chocolate hills, beautiful beaches of Panglao and Anda.  I’ll bring them to our old stone churches and the places that were devastated by an earthquake so that people all over the world will see how resilient and how Boholanos cope up after a tragedy. I will also bring them to not so known nature scenic spots like falls in Candijay and Dimiao so that it could be an eye opener of everyone that we have many things to offer and it can generate income to all local residents.

Ritchel Mutia- South Palms to experience the beach setting of Bohol.

Tracy Remolador-Torres- I will bring them to Anda. The place holds a vast amount of untouched attractions.


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A misty-eyed look at 1st Sandugo Kuradang

Last Friday’s Sandugo street-dancing competition had a new twist.  It had infused kuradang, a native Visayan dance practiced in Bohol, Cebu, Leyte and Panay, that might had a culture shock for the Boholano millenials.

The kuradang dancing competition, the reinvented street-dancing festival competition, used the kuradang as the main basis and inspiration of this year’s dance competition to make it more rooted in Boholano aesthetics in music, dance and content.  It had also put emphasis on the Sanduguan of Miguel Lopes de Legazpi and Rajah Si Katuna.

The kuradang dancing competition, the reinvented street-dancing
 festival competition reflects the soul of Bohol.  Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
There were eight contingents- Holy Name University, Bohol Island State University, Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School, and the local government units of Balilihan, Mabini, Baclayon, Loon and Tubigon- who accepted the challenge.

The performers tugged at the audience’s (including yours truly, Liza Macalandag and Doris Dinorog-Obena) heartstrings, with its nostalgic body movement, music and earnest look at traditional Boholano dance.

I chanced upon Prof. Marianito Luspo at the street-dancing competition. He said the “Bangga sa Kuradang ug Subli sa Sandugo” was new and untested. But Friday’s reactions from the audience and dancers, it seemed kuradang has seeped through the fancy of the Boholano young and old.

“They comes from inside of us. It is not something that is imposed from outside.  This is something worthwhile, something we can proud of, something we can claim our own,” Luspo said.

Kuradang is dance during social gatherings such as birthday, baptism, wedding and fiesta because of its lively moves and the life it gives to the gatherings. It is dance with the accompaniment of the rondalla that it makes kuradang flared, brisk and romantic.

The kuradang, a courtship dance, imitates the playful "birig" or courting movements of the aggressive rooster and coy hen.
The province’s official dance is kuratcha Boholana. However, many people considered kuradang their unofficial dance because of its popularity and familiarity in the island.

I grew up watching kuradang and balitaw in some gatherings, fiestas and programs. The low profile Ubi festival gives importance to kuradang and balitaw as one of the highlights of the festival.  It has the best kuradang dancers (from Sevilla, Catigbian and Loboc) discovered during the contest. The dancers have mastered the awkward movement of the body, the stamp of the feet, the twist of the hips and snaps of the fingers. 

Yes, I shed tears seeing this year’s contingents gave justice to our own dance. I was overwhelmed they showed us how to dance the kuradang with dignity and pride.

As I went home, the soundtrack of my memory keeps playing a Max Surban song, Sayawon ta ang kuradang, ang sayaw nga kinaraan, maoy paborito sa mga tigulang, ang nindot nga sayaw nga kuradang...Yes, indeed: I can say that Kuradang dance reflects the soul of Bohol. Thus, kuradang for Sandugo was just perfect.

Bangga Sa Kuradang ug Subli sa Sandugo 2016

MINOR Awards
Best Pair for Kuradang King & Queen - Brgy. Napo, Loon, Bohol
Best Pair for Sikatuna & Legaspi - Balilihan LGU
Best In Costume - Holy Name University
Most Authentic Group - Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School
Most Colorful Group - Brgy. Napo, Loon, Bohol
MAJOR Awards
Best In Kuradang Street Dancing - Brgy. Napo, Loon, Bohol
Best in Sandugo Reenactment - Balilihan LGU
2nd runner up - Balilihan LGU
1st runner up - Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School
Champion - Brgy. Napo, Loon, Bohol

Doctor warns against swallowing santol seeds

The market stands are packed with santol (cotton fruit), a delicious yellow-orange fruit Filipinos love to eat.  Imagine, the ripe, soft and juicy santol fruit can make out mouths watery.

But, swallowing the santol seeds can be dangerous.

Dr. Carlo C. Gurrea warns the public particularly
 children not to swallow santol seeds. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Two weeks ago, a 51-year-old man was hospitalized after swallowing 120 santol seeds.

Bienvenido Fernandez, a resident of Barangay Putlongcam in Alicia town, at least 103 km from the capital city of Tagbilaran, binged on santol last Tuesday night.

Fernandez said he ate about 30 pieces of the fruit, which had four seeds each. Instead of spitting out the seeds after gnawing its sweet and sour flesh, he swallowed all 120 of these.

The following day, Fernandez was brought to the Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital in Tagbilaran City after he complained of stomachache.

The physicians conducted an ultrasound on his stomach and decided to conduct a surgery if he would not be able to flush out the seeds on his own.

Fernandez was able to defecate the seeds one after the other by Friday night.

Most Filipinos have the habit of swallowing santol seeds because they were unaware the seeds would post a serious health threat.

Dr. Carlo C. Gurrea has warned the public particularly children not to swallow seeds since the seeds are indigestible.

“It may cause intestinal injury,” he said.

Gurrea, a practicing surgeon, also said that if the intestine is punctured, germs can escape to the stomach and cause infection which might result to death if not treated in time.


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VP Robredo takes daughters on a bonding trip to Bohol; Bohol teachers use gadget to 'preserve voice'

•VP Robredo takes daughters on a bonding trip to Bohol
• Bohol teachers use gadget to 'preserve voice'

Cristopher Boncales felt nervous when he was tasked to give tour to the country’s second highest official who visited Bohol last Wednesday.

“I was speechless because I was nervous,” he told VRS.  He admitted that he was at a loss for words when he came face-to-face with Vice President elect Leni Robredo. He was relieved when the soft-spoken Robredo was smiling to him asking him simple inquiries on the places they went on Bohol.

Boncales, 40, a tour guide of 22 years, has been guiding VIPs, ambassadors and other high ranking officials to Bohol. He said it was a privilege guiding the Robredo and her family of their Bohol countryside tour.

Vice President elect Leni Robredo listens
 to tour guide Cristopher Boncalez (blue shirt) 
during their Loboc river cruise last Wednesday. 
Courtesy: Liza Macalandag
“She was very much interested on Bohol. She was interested about the Chocolate Hills, tarsier and Loboc River River,” said Boncales.

With only two weeks before she assumes office as the land's second highest official, Robredo and her three daughters- Aika, Trisha at Jillian- were visiting Bohol last Monday. 

Robredo took a break from work for some quality time with her daughters. She said her vacation was a family bonding because she missed taking care of her daughters during her poll campaign in the last 10 months.

“Ito kasi bakayon sa mga bata. Iniwasan ko talaga magtrabaho kasi halos na-neglect ko sila halos ng 10 months.  Eh, ngayon ito talaga para sa kanila,” Robredo told VRS in an interview in Loboc town.

Although Robredo was visiting Bohol thrice, it was this vacation she was able to explore the province’s tourist attractions.

“Masaya ako..ilang beses na din  akong nakapunta pero ngayon lang yata ako makakaikot.  Lahat na punta ko lahat trabaho. Ngayon lang talaga kasama ang mga anak ko ko na bibisita sa mga must- see na mga sights dito sa Bohol,” she said.

The family went to Oslob, Cebu for whale shark watching last Tuesday morning.  After Oslob, they went to Balicasag Island off Panglao town for snorkelling. Balicasag Island is a known world-class diving site.

Last Wednesday, they visited the Chocolate Hills in Carmen town. They also visited the man-made Loboc  and posed with the tarsier considered the smallest primate in the world. At 11 a.m., they had lunch at Loboc River together with Loboc Mayor Helen Calipusan-Alaba, provincial administrator Alfonso Ae Damalerio, Benjie Oliva and tour operator Lourdes Sultan.

During a stopover at the end of Loboc River for a cruise, the Robredo family joined with a local dance group which entertains the “cruisers.”

Robredo said she was not able to thank some Boholanos who voted for her last May 9 elections. She garnered 272, 649 votes in Bohol.

“Hindi pa lahat. Babalik ako,” she said.

With only two weeks before she assumes office as the land's second highest official, Vice President elect Leni Robredo has taken her daughters - Aika, Trisha at Jillian- on a special trip, spending quality time with the girls in Bohol province. With the Robredo family are Loboc Mayor Helen Calipusan and Travel Village owner Lourdes Sultan. Courtesy: Liza Macalandag
For  Damalerio,  the visit of  Robredo can help boost the tourism of  Bohol.  He said Robredo has recognized Bohol’s huge potentials in making a substantial contribution to national economic growth.

“Well, she assured she will promote Bohol,” said Damalerio who accompanied Robredo in her countryside tour.

“It was her first time to see Bohol, almost all the tourist attractions in Bohol. When she was here it was purely campaign. Now, she saw the wealth and wonder of Bohol,” added Damalerio.

The annual tourist arrival in Bohol is pegged at 500,000, a report from the Bohol Tourism Office. But the figure is expected to increase to 1.7 million per year once construction of the new P7.14-billion Bohol airport on Panglao Island is completed.

Robredo was mobbed by supporters during her stopovers. She gamely mingled with supporters and fans and participated in some photo opportunities.

Robredo said she has yet to talk with President-elect Rodrigo Duterte regarding her possible appointment to the incoming Cabinet.

Duterte and Robredo will hold separate inauguration ceremonies on June 30.

Robredo would be in Cebu City on June 28 to administer the oath of Cebu  City Mayor-elect Tomas Osmeña, a good friend of her husband, the late Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo who died of plane crash in Masbate in August 2012.

Teachers use gadget to 'preserve voice'

As classes opened on Monday, Rochelle Marie Bolotaolo’s voice rises above the usual classroom noises and distractions, such as the clatter of students hustling through the hallway, and a noise from an on-going construction of classroom buildings. The students can still hear her clearer. But that's not because she's shouting rather, Bolotaolo is addressing her students through a wireless microphone clipped to her uniform. 

Bolotaolo, 33, who has been teaching at the already congested Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (DCPNHS) for five years, uses a portable sound system (lavalier or lapel microphone), a wireless, hands-free microphone to be heard by her students.

Grade 7 teacher Rochelle Marie Bolotaolo of Dr. Cecilio Putong 
National High School  in Tagbilaran City, Bohol, is using a portable 
sound system to be heard by her oversized class.
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
“There is buzzing noise outside so I need to use a lapel,” said Bolotaolo.

She said she has been using the portable sound system for four years. She said she found it practical and effective.

"It is very effective. Aside from the microphone there is a USB I can use for my lesson,” she said.

Without the gadget, Bolotaolo said it would be next to impossible for her students to hear her as the noise of ongoing construction of more classrooms in DCPNHS drowns out class lessons.

And with 50 students, Bolotaolo can’t expect to be heard clearly by everyone in her class.

Bolotaolo’s class can be considered oversized as the ideal class size is only 45 students for high school and 35 for elementary school.

She said she had experienced fatigue before because she had to strain her voice.  

It’s the effect of lack of classrooms and more students as a result of the K-12 program that adds more years to basic elementary and high school education to meet international standards.

Another Grade 7 teacher, Jeanette Yenogacio, said she used the sound system to prevent too much strain on her vocal chords.

Virgilia Omictin, principal of Dr. Cecilio Putong 
National High School, says the gadget  
can prevent teacher’s fatigue since it can decrease teachers' 
voice strain, increase students' attention and aid in 
classroom participation as the country is
 implementing the K-12 program. Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
“I should preserve my voice because I still have six sections to handle,” Yenogacio said. The gadget, she said, helps her students,” even those seated at the back,” to hear her.

Boloatolo and Yenogacio bought the gadgets using their own money. They, however, don’t mind dipping into their own pockets because they know it would be for the benefit of their students.

“I believe better sound will translate into better learning. I noticed the students can absorb the lessons well,” said Yenogacio.  

Yenogacio noticed that her students were attentive and focus on the class.

“My students can hear me clearer and better,” she said.

Yenogacio, who was one of the teachers who used the portable sound system, recalled that she lost her voice a couple of times and suffered several sore throats when she was not using the gadget while teaching.

She said before none of the teachers wanted to wear the gadget. At least seven out of 150 teachers at DCPNHS are using lapel mic.

 “At first, none of us really wanted to wear mic lapel but years after we get used to it,” she said.

While education officials had said everything is set for the start of the school year and senior high school, perennial problems remain.

Class sizes had to be expanded and schools use one room for two or more classes, held by shifts, to cope with lack of classrooms.

Virgilia Omictin, DCPNHS principal, said she is encouraging teachers to use portable sound system since it is helpful.

“It can prevent teacher’s fatigue,” she said.

She also said by using the gadget, it can decrease teachers' voice strain, increase students' attention and aid in classroom participation.

"I think it has had an impact in the classroom teaching," Omictin said.

DCPNHS, which has at least 5,000 students this school year, hold classes from 6 a.m. to noon and from noon to 6 p.m. to accommodate two classes per room.

Omictin anticipated the school population to increase by 4 or 5 percent.

Grade 11, or senior high school, classes are to be held in morning and afternoon shifts.

In August, Omictin said two buildings with 16 classrooms would be finished and these could ease the shortage of rooms.

“But we are K-12 ready,” quipped Omictin.


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Meet Caloi: The Gentleman of Bohol

You blink and when you look again, there’s Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda  all grown up, who is one of the candidates of the Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016, so totally different from the Mr UB Personality 2008 winner (he was adjudged Best in Talent and Best in Interview).

So who’s driving Caloi “crazy” these days?

Caloi, 27, has been preparing for the Gentlemen of the Philippines for months and has undergone rigorous physical trainings as well as Q&A training under the supervision of his manager James Obedencio and some friends.

Caloi says he has always been in shape but admits he has to work extremely hard to achieve his impressive physique for the competition.

The Gentleman of Bohol: Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda 
Courtesy: TJ Medrana/TJ Medrana Photography
“I started to hit the gym and workout six days a week to cope with the right body I need for the competition,” says Caloi, who is also an orator.  (He was Mr STEP 2003 Gold awardee in Oration 2005 of the Boy Scout of the Philippines Regional Timpalakan, Orator of the Year 2006 at Tagbilaran City Science High School  and Gold Tirol awardee for Oration-Declamation 2010 at University of Bohol) .

But in the run-up to the competition he has to stick to a strict diet of protein and vegetables only.  “I love eating and I eat a lot. I eat almost anything with at least two cups of rice in the morning and no rice for dinner and more and more and more protein. Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s been a long time that I refuse junkfood, alcohol and soda,” he admits.

He is also using holistic approach.  “Aside keeping my body fit with enough sleep and right diet, I also study on social issues and my Elderly Health and Wellness Advocacy, surround myself with positive people and most importantly always make time to go to church and pray. I have to balance all those to my time with family and work too,” he says.

Caloi was born in Loon town. One of the four siblings, he finished his elementary at Victoriano D. Tirol Advanced Learning Center and high school at Tagbilaran City Science High School. He is a registered nurse. He graduated magna cum laude from University of Bohol where he also finished his Masters of Arts in Nursing major in Medical-Surgical Nursing. At present, he is finishing his Doctor of Science in Nursing major in Gerontology at Cebu Normal University.

An Aquarian (Jan. 30), Caloi (son of Artemio and Glory Roslinda), stands 5’10 1/2”, weights 155 lbs.; and wears medium-size shirt and size-10 shoes.

So what is sexy to Caloi who is making women — and other creatures besides — swoon?

Sexiness is a matter of perspective. It is just all in the mindset. We are sexy if we believe we are,” says Caloi. “It must start from within (heart and mind) and let it radiate into the outside.

And when he feels sexy? “Every second of everyday!”

What part of a woman’s body does he consider sexiest? “The lips and the hands.”

"Being sexy is simply looking good inside and out,” say Carlo Roy Gorospe Roslinda, Bohol’s official candidate to the Gentleman of the Philippines.   Courtesy: Alfredo Bascones Jr/ ABJr Photography

His love life? He’s single…and available? Caloi says he likes girls who are simply beautiful, smart and with sense of humor. “I like her to make me smile every day.”

To know more about Caloi, VRS asked him to complete some questions:

I hate people... who are arrogant and fussy.

I avoid people... who I think will cause so much trouble and are uninspiring.

My greatest pleasure is ...making people happy… and event hosting.

My worst moment is...procrastinating. I always do that.

My biggest fear is... death and isolation.

I pray for... the elderly people in the community that they may find happiness in aging.

The most important persons in my life are... my parents. They made me experience love beginning in my childhood and until now in order for me to give out love to others too.

If I would reincarnate as an animal, I would be... a dog. I will be everybody’s best friend.

 My most traumatic experience was...I almost lost my left leg to a traffic accident. • I deal with gossip by- taking a deep breath and refocusing on making myself better.

Am I afraid of growing old? ...No. Growing old means experiencing new things and learning more.

My philosophy in life is... “Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.

 My most memorable miracle was... being able to join and represent the province of Bohol for Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016. Among all who dreamed of joining, I was so blessed that I made it to the shortlist after a rigid background check and screenings. Unfolding everyday blessings is a miracle.

I lose my temper when... My points are not being heard.

I am happiest when... I am surrounded with the people that matters most to me- my Family and true friends.

I am saddest when... my efforts are not recognized.

My ultimate goal is... to be a better individual each and every day.

 What I like about myself... my humility… and my height.

What I don’t like about myself... I am asthmatic and it attacks when I am too pressured.

Face-to-face with God, I’d tell him... Lord God, I hope I am making you proud and happy. You really do a good job for all of us. Thank you for all the blessings you share to us and please keep my family and my love ones protected from harm.


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