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Yehey! Summer is just a few days away

The signs are starting to show. 

Last week, Divulge Bohol 2017 Congress was organized by Bohol Island State University- Main Campus Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Convention, Exhibition, and Events Management Class of 2017.

The participants here said it was very informative, very interesting and, like travelling, very broadening.

Keynote speaker consul general of the Republic of Latvia 
to the Philippines Robert Lim Joseph Jr , (right) 
Juliet C. Saraum and Francis Delusa  during the 
Divulge Bohol Congress. Contributed Photo
“It is to promote the hidden jewels of the island and to introduce to the public the attractions that are partly discovered and has the potential to become one of the top destinations that our province has,” said Francis Delusa, the event class adviser.

Hon. Robert Lim Joseph Jr., Consul General of the Republic of Latvia to the Philippines, was the keynote speaker. He talked about meetings, incentives, conventions, events and exhibition (M.I.C.E) in Bohol perspective.

The other speaker, Jaypee Orcullo of the Department of Tourism (DOT) Bohol Satellite Office Operator, introduced the Ecotourism sites and surprise tours that Bohol offers.

As soon as you see the beauty spots of the province,  you get the urge to pack up and take off.
The congress was very intuitive to the attendees from the other institutions of Bohol that offers Hospitality and Tourism courses, Holy Name University, University of Bohol, STI College, and BISU-Main Campus.

The highlight of the event showcased a short film festival in a prenuptial concept and promotional video contest that was held at the Bohol Cultural Center. The attendees wore their best outfits and flaunt their walks in the red carpet. There was also a bridal fashion and special appearance Marielle Montellano, a grand finalist of Showtime’s Tawag ng Tanghalan from Cebu City serenaded the evening with her ever soothing and golden voice. Indeed the event embodied the glamour of the island.

The said event was headed Juliet  Saraum acting as the Chief Executive Officer with the supervision of Delusa.

VRS asked Francis what his 10 “Must” Destinations in Bohol are. Here they are:

1.Chocolate Hills- Bohol’s tourism signature.  It is made up of no less than 1,268 hills, uniform in shape and approximately 30 – 50 meters high. They are called as such because the green grass turn chocolate brown at the end of summer. However, there are times when the hills show a mixture of green and brown.
The Chocolate Hills is among the tourist spots listed in the Philippine Tourism Authority and has been declared as the third largest National Geological Monument and was recommended for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The participants of Divulge Bohol Congress
 in Tagbilaran City, Bohol province. Contributed Photo
2. Philippine Tarsier.  The Philippine Tarsier (Tarsius syrichta or Carlito syrichta) goes by the local name Maumag in Cebuano or Visayan and Mamag in Luzon. It is a protected species and although the practice of catching and selling them has already stopped, they remain threatened because their natural habitat is being destroyed. It is called as such because of its elongated “tarsus” or ankle bone just like the other members of the 45 million year old family Tarsiidae.

3.Beaches- Bohol beaches in Panglao Island have been the province’s deepest secrets.  Alona Beach lies on a one and a half kilometer stretch of soft white sand and is considered as the best Panglao beach resort. There is no problem satisfying your hunger with the various cuisines served in the different restaurants. For those who want to learn diving, there are some establishments that offer lessons as well as offer scuba/snorkeling equipment for rent.

4.Loboc River Cruise and Abatan Life Adventure.  The Loboc River boasts of its wide array of cruisers on board small bancas or floating restaurants. Tourists will be treated to a view of tropical vegetation such as nipa palms, coconut trees, banana groves, and bushes. Tourists will also appreciate nature and community oneness in Abatan Community Life Adventure.

5. Blood Compact.  The Blood Compact Site stands as a memorial to that historic sign of friendship between the Spaniards and the natives. On March 16, 1565, Miguel Lopez de Legazpi of Spain and Rajah Sikatuna of Bohol performed the Blood Compact (Spanish: Pacto de Sangre Filipino: Sandugo).

6. Loay Local Industry- Bolo or hatchet making have also given Loay residents a means of livelihood. They are used as implements in farming and wood cutting. Today, many Loayans have mastered the art of being blacksmiths (“panday”) using manual as well as improvised equipments. The town has emerged as a popular venue for finding fine crafted bolos in the island.

7.Balicasag Island-   Balicasag Island Resort is considered as among the world’s best diving destinations. Guests to enjoy the captivating view of the sun, sea, and surf.

8. EAT Danao-  Unique and exhilarating activities in a wide range of categories located in verdant valleys set in the picturesque mountain ranges. The program is divided into three to give visitors an opportunity to pick their activity of choice. E may involve activities falling under the Extreme, Economic, and Educational. A stands for Adventure and T for Tour.

9-10. Anda. Another town to explore. Old churches,  waterfalls and  man- made mahogany forest at Bilar,  hanging Bridge at Sevilla, and the Butterfly Garden at Bilar.

More, more!!!

“It’s all in Bohol,” added Francis.


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