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Happy fiesta, Bohol!

Seen: Singer-actress Manilyn Reynes was spotted in Bohol for a vacation. At the Tagbilaran Airport, she was mobbed by fans. Police officer Melinda Mendez-Basalo said “Manilyn is our family's favorite singer and actress.” For baby boomers, Manilyn Reynes started out in showbiz at the tender age of ten. Thirty years later, she is still a regular face on television.

Seen: Also spotted in Bohol last week were Nonito “The Flash” Donaire Jr., former beauty queen Precious Lara Guigaman and husband Marco Alcaraz.

Scene: The 2nd Calamay Festival in Jagna town, the home of the original calamay.  The 29-feet replica of the famous calamay added fanfare to the celebration. Amiela Balaba, Jagna information officer, said that “Jagna’s calamay is delicious, tasty and world-class ang quality.”

One of the “white lies” we were told as children-and many believed until adulthood- is that Bohol province sinks about an inch during May, the merry month of fiestas here in Bohol province.

May 1, the mother of all fiestas, starts the month-long fiesta 
celebrations in Bohol province. Faithful can visit the 
St. Joseph Cathedral to see the sleeping image of St. Joseph.  
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Our folks told us that it is due to the thousands of Bol-anons who come home to attend the many town and barrio fiestas celebrated during the month.  In case you are in doubt,  you can check the Tagbilaran airport and piers to see the throngs of passengers and balikbayan arriving in Bohol.

It took several years for me to realize that my elders were right after all. All the "lies" that they told me are true. You know, true lies.

Well, today, in every sitio, barangay (village), town, somewhere, we are celebrating.

The fiesta celebration is not complete without the famous lechon (roasted pig), humba (stewed pork) and plenty of beer and tuba to match.

If you are adventurous enough, you can practically go round the whole province without any money and eat for free and experience the famous Boholano hospitality.

Everyone is welcome, no invitations required!

May 1 - Tagbilaran City (Saint Joseph the Worker)
May 4 – Alburquerque (Santa Monica)
May 4 – Mabini (Santa Monica)
May 4 – Sagbayan (San Agustin)
May 8 - San Miguel (Saint Michael)
May 10 - Calape (Saint Vincent Ferrer)
May 15 - Bilar  (Saint Isidore the Farmer)
May 15 - Trinidad (Saint Isidore)
May 15 - Tubigon (San Isidro Labrador)
May 19 - Candijay (Saint Joseph)
May 29 – Talibon (Blessed Trinity)
Last Saturday of May (Holy Trinity)- Talibon

P.S. Pakapin lang ning June He! He! He!

June 13- Sikatuna- (Saint Anthony de Padua)
June 15- Loay  (Holy Trinity)
June 24- Garcia-Hernandez (Saint John the Baptist)
June 29- Loboc (Saint Peter the Apostle)
June 30 –Inabanga (Saint Paul the Apostle)

Inday Sara Duterte arrives in Bohol

Despite storm of attacks, presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte's supporters here are unstoppable.

On Friday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of supporters and fans showed up during Duterte’s daughter’s sortie in Bohol.

Former Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte was here for the Bohol-leg of the nationwide caravan Biyaheng DU30.

Sara arrived in Tubigon town at around 4 p.m. where she was mobbed by fans and supporters.  Inday Sara’s team gave candies, fans, bawlers, stickers and t-shirts. They had quick stops at Calape and Loon towns.

Bohol welcomes Inday Sara Duterte. 
Contributed Photos. Winston Rabe/JP Maslog
At around 8 p.m., Sara met provincial senior board member Dionisio Balite, who is running for vice governor in the province, for a dinner.

She said all her visits were smooth sailing.

“Okay raman. So, far kaluoy sa Ginoo, okay tanan areas naadtuan (In God’s mercies, everything went smoothly),” she said.

But the Central Visayas, according to her, the supporters are warmth.

“Mas enthusiastic ang mga tawo. Mainiton ang pagdawat (People are enthusiastic. They welcomed us warmly),” she said.

Last week, Sara was a banner headline on TV and newspapers when Sen.  Antonio Trillanes IV, who himself a vice presidential candidate, accused Rodrigo Duterte of having P211 million in an account in a bank branch in Metro Manila in 2014.

Trillanes said Duterte did not declare the P211 million in his statement of assets and liabilities and net worth (SALN). Trillanes said from 2006 to 2015, Duterte held seven join accounts with his daughter Sara at the BPI branch on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City, nine joint accounts at BPI-Edsa Greenhills branch and one joint account at Banco de Oro Unibank-1 in Davao City. 

Failure to declare an asset is a ground for an employee’s dismissal from government service

But Sara dared her father’s accuser, Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, to file a case against them.

Police Officer Melinda Mendez-Balo 
with Manilyn Reynes. Contributed Photo
Kung tinuod gyud nga naa siyay legitimate nga complaint sa gina-accuse niya, i-file niya sa court para makatubag ko og tarung (If it is true that what he is accusing us is a legitimate complaint, file it in court so I can answer properly),” she said.

 “It is clearly a black propaganda given the fact that Duterte is leading the survey with only a few days away from May 9,” said Duterte supporter JP Maslog.

The younger Duterte served as Davao City mayor from 2010 to 2013 when her father was vice mayor.
She also denied that she and her siblings had properties that they did not declare.
According to the Land Registration Authority, the Duterte children have 35 properties, 11 of which are under the mayor’s daughter’s name and four under her husband’s.

She said she had declared all of her properties in her statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN), adding most of her assets came from her parents after they separated.

Pagbulag nila in 1998 gibalhin tanang properties sa among manag-igsuon kay maoy gi-require sa korte (When they separated in 1998, their properties were divided among us siblings because that was required by the court),” she said.

“Even sa balay sa akong mama supposedly iyaha, gusto sa kong mama ibutang sa akong pangalan para walay makailog nga lain (Even the house of my mother which was supposedly hers, my mama wanted to place it under my name so it would not be taken by others),” she added.

She said she did not have any idea of the properties owned by her brothers Paolo, now vice mayor, and Sebastian.

The accusations, she said, were just black propaganda orchestrated by her father’s detractors.

Silang tanan. Kalaban. Of course, nag-dako ko sa pulitika and kana tanan part na siya sa isa ka election (They are all enemies. Of course, I grew up in politics and all of these were part of one election),” she said.

Welcome to the 2nd Calamay Festival in Jagna town, Bohol. 
Leo Udtohan/Chronicle
Mao nay gitawag nato nga black propaganda. In fact, naghinay-hinay siya gawas una pagbabae, mamatay tao. Karun, kana na jud (That is what we call black propaganda. These are slowly coming out. First was him being a womanizer and then a killer. And now this).”

She said her family was prepared for mudslinging and accusations because every election even in Davao, such issues would usually come out.

The younger Duterte thanked their supporters that despite the accusations, they remained loyal.

Pasalamat ko sa ilaha, through thick and thin, naa sila. Sa kalisud naa sila (I am thankful to them. Through thick and thin, they are there with us. In difficulties, they are with us).

The Visayas, considered as a stronghold of administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas, may be slowly slipping away from Roxas’ grasp, according to his allies and party mates who are now supporting Sen. Grace Poe and Duterte. 

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